Sightseeing in London

Liberty London

My sister came to visit London-land last week and I was over the moon! I had been waiting since last year for the time to come and was so excited, I could hardly contain myself.

Having your family with you is always a plus. You tend to enjoy even the mundane things so much more than if you were doing them alone. My sister and I are incredibly close, we could probably sit in a room with nothing to keep us occupied and somehow entertain ourselves. This is just the way our relationship is and I would not change it for the world.

I expected to show my sister all of the sites. The Palace, Big Ben etc but instead she ended up showing me things in London that I had no idea about. I enjoyed it so much! Having someone take the lead and find new places was such a treat. I didn’t think it was possible, but I ended up falling in love with London all over again.

One of my favourite days with my sister was the day we went to Liberty London just off Regent Street. You can click here for more information. I had never heard of it before she mentioned the name to me and I am so glad she did. Five floors of curated goods from clothing to homeware and everything in between. We started at the top and worked our way down to the bottom. I think it is safe to say that I was completely enthralled the entire time.


LibertyThe vintage exterior makes you feel like you are entering an old home, something familiar. You instantly feel like you could spend hours in this vast space! It is packed to the rafters with goodies for every personality you could think of. The building still looks exactly like it did when it was founded in 1875.

I was on the hunt for a decent teapot and was happily surprised when I found a beautiful white teapot in the shape of a circus elephant. He was hiding in a tucked away corner, so note that you should try and look EVERYWHERE when you go and visit! Although you think that everything will be out of your price range, being a curated goods store, there are so many goodies that you can find if you are on a budget and just looking for that something extra in your home or closet.

Their bathroom goods section was like something from a dream. Bathtubs filled with shower caps of all shapes, sizes, and patterns. Every available surface was piled with candles, soaps, and accessories. The smell that wafted from this one tiny part of the building was truly magical! Although it is one of the smaller rooms in Liberty, it is still filled with enough to keep you occupied for ages!

Walking into Liberty is like walking into the home you wished you had. Everything in this space is just absolutely beautiful from the clothes to the home goods. Everything is unique, original and eye-catching. This is what made it a good day out for me and perhaps, one of the precious moments that stand out for me with my sister.