5 London Summer trends I am definitely on board with

Our London “Summer” has not been too great this year, in fact, I will be honest and say it has been pretty miserable. Seeing as I cannot look forward to the sunshine, I have decided to divert my attention to prettier and happier things. Here are 5 London Summer trends that I can totally take on board.

The Pun

This is the lovechild of the ponytail and the bun. You know those days when you had a questionable night and now its the morning after and you just want junk food in your face but have no energy to make yourself presentable? So you throw your hair back into a bun but you are so hungover you cannot even master a bun? Well, fear not, now you are très cool and bang on trend! With wisps of hair falling from your bun, it makes the perfect Pun. I am bringing out the “lazy” in me and adopting this trend with great aplomb.

Fake freckles

Hallelujah! This is a winner for us girls that have freckles already! I have spent years perfecting the blank canvas ethereal look, the dark bronzed look and any other look that requires your face to be flawless. Now I can celebrate my tiny speckled flaws. Out comes the BB cream for a light layer of coverage and I am ready to go. Apologies for the girls that don’t have freckles, there are quite a few tutorials on YouTube already on how to create your own beautiful spots!

Peekaboo black

Think black lace, mesh inserts, contrast cut-outs. Yes, yes and yes! As a lover of all things black, to have more feminine outfits still fit for summer but completely indulging my dark side, I am so besotted with this new trend.

Put a knot in it

Tie belts, tie chokers and lace-up collars. There is nothing like a bit of knotting to accentuate your good parts. Be it your neck, your waist or your hair, put a bow in it! I love this trend because it is so diverse and anyone can make it work. Think of all the textured fabrics you can use and all of the different knots that come along with it.

The best for last, all that glitters

I love sparkly things. I love shiny things. I love big chunks of bling and small subtle shimmered accents. This has got to be my favourite. Technically this started as a fall trend, but I am a big believer in keeping the good times rolling. You can tone it down with a metallic accent in your outfit or go bold with a chain-mail dress. Whatever you choose to do, SHINE!!

You can click here for a link to the London Fashion Week website, so you can take a look at ALL of the pretty pictures and see exactly what I am talking about.

So although I want to cry because of the weather, they will be happy tears thanks to London Fashion week setting these great trends. Who needs a rainbow when you can create one for yourself right?