Sightseeing in London

A piece of home – Final part

After drinking in the view from Madison Rooftop Terrace, you could say we were completely giddy. We left for a slow walk to the station because I wanted to give Gareth and Amber, the last typically touristy thing in London for the day. We took a quick train ride to Westminster to see Big Ben and Parliament square. We walked past St Margaret’s Church on our walk down towards Hammersmith.

Taking in the architecture, we took a slow walk through the Victoria Tower Gardens. Amber was petting all of the dogs on the way! We were drinking in the momentary sunshine that the usually grey city seemed to be allowing us.

I love this park so much, it has a great playground which makes use of natural materials and water pressure for all of the park features. There is also a pop-up caravan cafe in the park which was serving the best churros the last time I went there. There are beautiful commemoration statues and monuments that you can look at. This garden has a very simple and humble appearance but you know that there is so much happiness in it.

We then crossed over to South Bank via Lambeth Bridge. A slight drizzle had started by then, but we were all too happy to be cooled down by the droplets. Eagerly seeking sustenance by that stage, we made our way to “Giraffe”, one of the many offerings along the South Bank. There is something about this chain of restaurants, that makes me so happy. Maybe because on my first ever visit, I was greeted by a friendly waiter with a South African accent and felt immediately at home. They also have a “Burger of the Week” special where they theme their burger based on different countries. They have such a wide variety of food, that anyone can find something they prefer on their menu.

St Margaret's Church
St Margaret’s Church
Walk over Lambeth Bridge
View from Lambeth bridge

We were joined by Roxy and Emily as we settled down to some nachos and Mexican beer. Gareth graciously bowed out of what was becoming an incredibly girly date once we had finished our drinks and tapas. Us girls didn’t want to end the night there and decided to take a quick walk to buy wine and snacks for the rest of our adventure.

One of the things that make this city beautiful is that you can drink in public and not get arrested (my fellow South Africans will understand why this is a great thing!). You can walk down the street with your wine in your hand and not be bothered at all. Unless you get disorderly, then you deserve it!

We sat on a bench on South Bank with a bottle of wine, Italian tapas and sharing umbrellas in the rain. We watched the London Wheel turn slowly around in the distance, listening to the Thames rush past and there was nowhere that I would rather have been in that moment. South bank really is the best place for a cheap date night or a quick catch up with a friend.

There are street performers, rooftop bars and plenty of people to keep you endlessly entertained! Whether you walk along the bank, settle in a bar or sit on a bench. It is the perfect all rounder destination in London for a good night out. It id also perfect for sundowners in Summer!

Even though we were in the rain, we were covered by the canopy of trees as well as our umbrellas. We were engulfed by warmth from all four of us snuggling up on that bench. Perhaps the wine had something to do with it too! It was the most outrageous state to be in, but I was so incredibly content. This was the perfect night to end the perfect visit from Amber.