Big Easy Bottomless Brunch – Canary Wharf

I don’t go to the east side of London very often. There are very few things that side that I am willing to travel an hour and a half on public transport to see. However, when friends decided to book a bottomless brunch at The Big Easy, I had to count myself in! I must admit, I wanted to go mostly because of the venue than because of the menu.

I have gone past the restaurant on the DLR line a few times and it looks so amazing. This great beacon shining at you from across the tracks was just too good to pass up. The restaurant is in Crossrail Place in Canary Wharf on the top floor. You have to walk through a beautiful indoor roof garden to get to the restaurant. The garden hosts some great modern sculpture art and is also a community area that hosts events. You can click here for upcoming events.

The beginning of our brunch was a slight disaster, from waiting for a table to not having a big enough table for our booking. However, we quickly got over it as soon as we had our first round of drinks delivered to us at record speed. The food comes out incredibly fast too and is so delicious. I ordered the lobster and while it was not the best I have eaten, it was pretty tasty. I stole a taste of some of the pulled pork from the barbecue. Without a doubt, I can say it is the best pulled-pork I have tasted since I moved to London. Spiced perfectly and shredded so that it still looks like meat and not mush. When you order the barbecue brunch, you receive bottomless servings of any meat you choose and this all comes with delicious cornbread and other trimmings.

As the first bottomless brunch I attended in London, the Big Easy brunch did not disappoint! They could do with a brush up in customer service, but I am forgiving and will peg this to being busy and understaffed on the day. It was a great meal with great company in a great setting. You cannot fault that ­čÖé