Our Biggest Day in New York City…by far!

When I think about how much we actually did on this day, it stumps me! I don’t know how we did it all! It is no surprise at all that when we got home, I was straight to bed and out like a light. Want to cure insomnia? Walk 20 km all over a packed cosmopolitan city and you will see how quick you can fall asleep!

The day started with a ferry tour to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. A word of warning, most of the boats to these islands will rock back and forth endlessly. So, if you get seasick, be prepared with some tablets. I don’t get seasick but it did make even me feel slightly queasy. Once the boat gets moving, it is great though and that feeling goes away!

Liberty and Ellis Island

Liberty Island, although packed with people, was everything I thought it would be. There is something very magical about seeing Lady Liberty up close! The boat trip was definitely worth it and this is one thing I would urge you to spend money on. It was a really hot day so a quick walk around the little island was enough for me. We didn’t go to the crown, we didn’t see a point to it really. The next stop was Ellis Island, which is great if you are a history buff. But, we were quite happy to look at it from the boat and wait for departure back to the city.

Lady Liberty

View from Liberty Island boat

Katz Deli

Once the boat ride was done, we were starving! And it’s a good thing too. We headed to Katz Deli in the East Village, is it in the East Village? New Yorkers can correct me if I am wrong! We were ready for sky-high sandwiches, but we were not ready for Katz sandwiches! I think I was judged a little by my cutter for not wanting any mustard or mayo on my sandwich. But, if you have meat that good on bread, you want to taste the meat! I wanted to only taste the brisket, I didn’t want it changed by mayo or mustard. There are a lot of things that can go wrong in Katz if you aren’t on point! People push in if you are too busy taking photographs, so leave that for later if you really must. DON’T lose your ticket! It is your receipt and if you lose it, you pay a fine! If you order pastrami, then please for the love of all things holy, get it with mustard!

Katz Sign

Katz Sandwiches

Katz Deli is packed with people. It is always busy! You will possibly cry with joy when you find a table. However, amongst all the craziness is an awesome family run business. It is a sandwich legacy. It has been going since 1888 and they know what they are doing. The cutters talk to you, joke with you, cut you endless samples of the meat until you choose the right one for you! It was such a great experience, and I am so glad we went! There is a reason why people flock here when in New York City.

Grand Central Station

I was debating whether to even give Grand Central station its own sub-heading in this post. It was a slight let down. You watch all of these movies that depict it as a “grand” station and it was just “meh” in my opinion. I love the artwork on the ceiling, and I admired the architecture from the outside. But we didn’t spend long here because there wasn’t much to see other than that. There are some decent shops, if you go there to shop then it would be good!

Grand Central

Empire State Building

A fair few people I have spoke

n to said they enjoyed the view from Top of the Rock more because you can see the Empire State Building in your view. But my favourite view was actually from the Empire State Building. We also didn’t wait as long to get in unlike the Rockefeller centre. You just see so much of the city from the Empire state building. I wasn’t truly sold on New York until I saw the city from that height, then I was pretty mesmerized. I would definitely recommend this! This vantage point of the city is something you won’t forget!

Empire State view

Times Square

Our last leg of the day was Times Square which would have been epic had it not started to rain as we arrived. It was pretty funny watching everyone scatter like ants though. Yes, we scattered like ants too! I wish that we had time to see a show while we were there to fully immerse ourselves in the experience. However, the screens and the bustling crowds were enough for us! After buying myself a slice of cheesecake, and Eamon a slice of mud cake, we headed home!

Times Square 2

Times Square

When we got home, our amazing host had left us a bottle of bubbly so my dinner consisted of the leftover deli sandwich, cheesecake and a bottle of prosecco 🙂 happy Courtneigh!