Sightseeing in London

Chinese New Year – Photowalk

I knew that I wanted to do something for Chinese New Year this year. However, I had no clue what I wanted to do to bring in the year of the rooster. Call it kismet, fate or just coincidence, but I stumbled across a photo-walk hosted by Apple. This appealed to me so much! Taking a walk through the city on a Saturday morning is great. Experiencing the festivities while getting amazing photographs, who could ask for anything better than that?

The Apple stores in Covent Garden and Regent street (there may be others), regularly host these phot-walks. A theme is chosen, a date and time are set and you get a guided tour of the theme. The added bonus is that you get to use the stores’ photography gadgets to snap amazing pictures! It is the perfect outing for Londoners who are new to the city (or not) and want to explore in a controlled and safe environment.

  China Town Entrance  Alley

Although I chose the “Chinese New Year” walk for a specific reason, I know that if I find another theme I like, that I will not hesitate to sign up. There cannot be enough praise about these walks!

Lion and Lanterns    

I got to enjoy the decorations, eat some fabulous dim sum and learn along the way. Our group was urged to focus on the detail of the decorations, to play with microphotography and experiment with reflections. I went to this event thinking that I would have a good Saturday morning out of the house, but I got so much more from it.


The bright red lanterns, mixed with clear blue skies (which are so unusual for an early morning in central London) totally captivated me! I also finally got the chance to take a picture of my favourite archway in Chinatown and a Buddha that I can never quite get close enough to.


The colour red was everywhere. Red in Chinese culture symbolises good fortune and joy. It is only fitting that the colour is on every available surface during this festival.


I managed to snag myself a gift from the giving tree. A beautiful little voucher in a red envelope just for me. I think this is such a brilliant touch for such an important occasion in Chinese culture. The idea of giving is prevalent and it is such a beautiful sentiment.

Giving tree

Once the photo walk is done, you get tips on how to edit your photos. From your basic iPhone app to third party apps that are great. You get so much more than just a quick walk through London.

This definitely comes highly recommended from me. It is such a good way to meet new people and explore the city. The added exercise doesn’t hurt either 🙂 I could write tonnes more about this experience, however, I think the pictures say so much more than I could!