Sightseeing in London

Christmas Lights: Oxford, Regent and Old Bond Street

There is nothing that says “It’s Christmas time!!” more than Christmas lights. My favourite time of the year has got to be when they start stringing out lights on all of the trees. There is something so magical, so soothing and so uplifting about watching the twinkly pieces of happiness all over the streets of London. I know that I can always count on Oxford Street and Regent street to come to the party, but this year I was surprised by Old Bond Street too.

On our adventure to see the Selfridges windows, Emily and I did a double whammy and walked the streets of London for the light displays too. Sometimes, all you need is a girls night and when your girl’s night includes decorations on the busiest shopping street in London, you know it will be a good one!

Oxford StreetOxford Street - Christmas Lights

Any Christmas adventure has got to include Oxford street at least once right? I must admit that this year, I was a bit disappointed by the street lights. They were not as bright and “in your face” as I have known them to be. However, Selfridges’ display makes up for it, House of Fraser is rather bright and Debenhams has a crazy futuristic display in bright pinks that I just love! While the wow factor was not there, it was still pleasantly pretty wandering down the street and popping into the odd shop when we couldn’t help ourselves.


Regent Street - Christmas LightsRegent Street

Regent street was very underwhelming last year so I am really really happy the ante has been upped this year! Beautiful angels in flight are lining the entire street. These beautiful creatures are so graceful and have a bit of theatre too. With the staggered lighting of their wings and the dramatic flare on the trains on their dresses, I was mesmerised! When you stand at the top of the street and look down, with the red buses zooming up and down the road, it is just MAGIC!


Old Bond StreetOld Bond Street - Christmas Lights

This is a new one for me. I can’t even remember looking down this street last year when I went chasing lights. This was definitely my favourite of the lot. I think it was mostly my favourite because I love peacock feathers, and this is the artistic inspiration for these lights. It made me fairly nostalgic. I remembered my peacock feather collection from all of my childhood adventures in South Africa. The lights were so elegant and the perfect cherry on top of our London walk.

If you are in London in December, then seeking out Christmas lights is a mandatory exercise. It is also the easiest way to get lost in the city and soak it all in, just follow the lights and worry about getting home afterwards 🙂