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Christmas: Selfridges’ Display

I promised you posts about my “winter warmers” and I am delivering on my promise so here is a Christmas Special post. I went to see the Christmas display windows at Selfridges this weekend and boy, did they not disappoint! This year, Selfridges was the first retailer in the world to release their Christmas display an entire 65 days before Christmas. Usually, this would annoy me, but Selfridges just about pull it off!

I have to give a special shout out to Emily. She single-handedly blocked tourists while I got some good snaps. She was the saviour of the day and the only reason I have as many pictures as I do. I am sure there are many angry tourists out there muttering about the crazy ladies with the iPhone but life goes on 🙂

Last year, the display’s theme was ‘Journey to the stars’. This theme featured the 12 signs of the zodiac for each of the shop’s 12 windows. This year, they have gone for a more traditional Christmas theme, featuring a very jolly Santa in every window. However, it would not be a Selfridge’s display if they did not add some sort of twist to it. Santa is clad in a sequin suit and partying it up on the slopes of the Alpines with the “locals”.

Santa jacuzzi - Selfridges Christmas Display Santa skydive - Selfridges Christmas Display Santa skilift- Selfridges Christmas Display

I can almost picture these twelve scenes being what Santa’s retirement looks like. There are jets, jacuzzis, poodles, disco balls and gold embellishments everywhere!

Santa wedding- Selfridges Christmas Display Santa skiing - Selfridges Christmas Display

My favourite parts are the pink penguins and the GIANT polar bear seated with Santa on his lap 🙂 Every scene basically looks like one fat party, and somewhere I want to be! I love the fun and happy twist that has been put on the windows this year and I recommend that you go and have a look for yourself!

Santa and Penguins - Selfridges Christmas Display Santa - Selfridges Christmas Display Polar bear - Selfridges Christmas Display

My next post will be about the lights on Oxford, Regent and Carnaby street so watch this space 😉