I tried DIY and totally WON!

wildcatIn January 2015, my sister got married. At her wedding, each person had a little gold animal as a place keeper at their seat. I am very sentimental andIMG_4955 I kept the two animals that Eamon and I had on our seats. He had a wildcat and I had an octopus. I loved these little gold guys and wasn’t ready to let them go when I moved to London. I knew I wanted to keep them for some DIY magic at a later stage.

My problem

When I got here, I noticed they were just lying around on our counter and collecting dust. (Not cute!) As much as I wanted to keep them, I had to find a better way of displaying them in order to fully enjoy them. I finally had to do that DIY project I had been putting off!


My solution

I decided to feature them in my home in a way that they could be turned into art instead of just little mementos of my sisters special day. So out came the DIY Diva in me and I got to work. This whole project started out as a happy accident when my sister and I went on a little shopping outing to get sweets for the family back home.


I found some cute A6 grey, plastic frames from the pound store. You heard me, the pound store. I also bought a big tube of epoxy glue. So in total, this project cost me £3! I took some old tissue paper that my sister had given me, (sticking with the sentimentality theme) and inserted this into the frames to give a pretty background.Wildcat After

Then I took the glue and stuck the animals on the glass of the frames. Voila, a new focus piece for my lounge without a huge spend on new art supplies and a touch of memories included too.


I could not be happier with how these turned out!