Final days in the Big Apple

Over the few days that we were visiting the Big Apple, it had really grown on me. I don’t think I would ever be able to live in the city. However, it has an energy that I could embrace over and over again. Our last two days in New York were definitely more chilled out than the previous days. We had seen most of what we had wanted to see. So, the last couple of days was more about the extra activities and shopping!

We managed to get to the Chelsea Market for some amazing coffee and a bite to eat. Eamon even did a hot sauce tasting, which wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be because the man has a mouth of steel. He just casually went through the hot sauces like they were vanilla ice cream. From the market, we made out way onto the Highline.


Chelsea Market


The Highline

Railway tree

Highline - Empire State Building view


The Highline is an old railway line on the west side of Manhattan that was overhauled and changed into a park. It winds above the city streets and gives you a pretty unique view of the city. Because we were at Chelsea market we basically started at the one end and walked all the way to end. I love that there is this long winding patch of greenery in a super grey part of the city. AT one point, you get a beautiful view of the river. I could have stayed there for ages just people watching and taking in the city. There are so many points to sit and gaze at the streets of Manhattan. It is almost as if you are in an outdoor cinema.

Highline Cinema seats

After the Highline, we took a walk through the streets and got slightly lost! We ended up just enjoying walking through the alleys and stumbling across restaurants and boutiques.


Magnolia Bakery

We made our way to Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker Street. I was in heaven. Cakes and cupcakes of every flavour and colour you can imagine. Sprinkles, nuts, decorations galore. My eyes could not cope taking all of this in! I ended up getting Devil’s food cake with a mocha frosting, but I was in there for a long time trying to decide! It is the ultimate bakery to go and make an absolute pig of yourself! It was probably one of the best slices of cake I have ever eaten! I do regret not trying more flavours.

Magnolia Bakery

After all the walking, we made our way home and started packing because the next day was our last.

Century 21

The next morning, we woke up refreshed and went straight to Century 21 to get our shopping fix in! I had been told that the outlet stores were great, but man oh man do I wish I had kept more space for clothes in my bag! I was in heaven, I didn’t know what to choose! At one point, I was walking through the store with about 4 handbags in my hand, not knowing which ones to leave behind!!

Brooklyn Park

We made our way to Brooklyn Park after the frenzied shopping excursions. It was an incredibly tranquil way to spend some of our last hours in the city. We enjoyed a quiet and peaceful walk through the park. We ran into a couple of chipmunks along the way. After the amazing park walk, we were ready to say Goodbye to the Big Apple. We made our way back to our Airbnb to collect our bags and started the long journey back home to London.

Brooklyn Park