How to make a Tea Girl Happy? Fortnum and Mason!

While my sister was here, her AMAZING boss in Cape Town said she would sponsor a sister date for us to bond. We decided that high tea (or afternoon tea as they call it here) would be the perfect girly time that we were searching for. I let Storme take the lead on this one, and she decided that Fortnum and Mason Diamond Jubilee Tea salon would be the winner. The salon is located on the fourth floor of their flagship store on Picadilly Street. This was definitely THE BEST tea of all for me.

I am not a girly girl, but I am the biggest foodie. So, if you put delicious food in front of me, I am going to be a fan for life. After this tea, I was an F&M fan for life! The salon is fitted with dusky blues and creams, it oozes elegance and instantly makes you feel luxurious. You step in from the hustle and bustle of Picadilly street to go through even more madness of shoppers in the store. But then you are met with utter tranquillity at the top of the building. From the live piano player in the lobby to the proficient servers who see to your every need, you are perfectly content.

We had the “High Tea” which is a very traditional form that starts with a warm dish. I would definitely recommend this if you are visiting near breakfast time. You can choose from a selection of savoury hot meals on the menu from welsh rarebit to eggs benedict. This starts the tea off and you move on to your sweet treats from there. This option is a great way to get a taste of savoury and sweet on your visit. However, there are savoury afternoon teas and a sweet option for those who just want desserts. I started my High Tea off with a Lobster Omelette which I would recommend without even batting an eye. It was delicious!

The sweet treats are all bite sized but have the most detailed care put into them. Each morsel is thought out to the last element. Every flavour that is on your plate has its place and it all works so well together. There is so much love in each bite and the atmosphere makes the experience even more delectable. This date was something I will never forget and I would go back again and again for it!

The great thing about this tea, (if I have not convinced you already) is that you can go back down to the first floor and buy the tea that you drank if you enjoyed it! You can even buy your very own tea set that you drank out of in the salon. What an added bonus! As soon as I left the salon, I wanted to go back and have more, but instead I went downstairs and stocked up on their “Jubilee Blend” loose leaf tea so that I could take a bit of my magnificent day home with me.

I cannot be anything but grateful, that we were gifted this special treat and could enjoy it with reckless abandon. It really was the epitome of what a great afternoon tea should be!