Halloween – Have you got plans?

October the 31st is a holiday that I have had to embrace wholeheartedly as the best friend of a Halloween baby. The freakish Cameron twins have taken their birth date extremely seriously ever since I have known them. Therefore I have always had to go ALL out for the important day! Being far away from my bestie has not deterred me from experiencing the spooky wonders in London.

I feel, that if you want the creepiest Halloween ever, you should come to London. From Ghost bus tours to the London Dungeons, you are guaranteed to have a spooky experience all year around! Hence, I have found some eery, creepy and spooky things you can do in London in October 2016.

London Month of the Dead

This idea was shared with me by a friend (Older sister of abovementioned Halloween babies I might add), so I cannot claim full responsibility. You can click here to see what fantastically creepy things are included in the London Month of the Dead. Some of the activities you could choose are a torch-lit cemetery walk, a talk on Zombies and Premature Burials and a concert by candlelight in a cemetery where songs centre around love and death. This month-long festival is a “one-stop shop” for anyone who is looking to broaden their minds and embrace the dead in October.

Halloween Late at the National Gallery

The Halloween Late at the National Gallery coincides with the “Beyond Caravaggio” exhibit this October. The Halloween late is focussing on the artist and the movement that originated from his work. The gallery will be open until 9pm on the 28th October with themed food, macabre folk music, and fortune telling. I must admit that for art enthusiasts, this would probably be the best way to celebrate Halloween! Entrance is free and you can buy tickets for the prepaid events here.

Dinner at The Twits

For a slightly more expensive celebration, you can go and have dinner with The Twits. The team responsible for Alice’s Adventures Underground have created this twisted dinner. The event is available until the 30th October and is hosted at The Vaults. This even gives you a chance to step into Roald Dahl’s vision and enjoy a classicly gruesome dinner with the creepy couple as your host. All of the food has been created to mimic the food in the book. In conclusion, this is bound to be a winner!

Netflix and chill?

IF going out is not an option for you, subscribe to Netflix and have a night in. Can’t think of what to watch? You can click here for 60 of the best horror films on Netflix. Popcorn (sweet and savoury), all sorts of candy, and some spiked hot chocolate should see you into Halloween in great fashion!

 Ghost ship tour

This is possibly my favourite of the lot. You can book an eerie tour of the Cutty Sark in South East London. Take a tour of the ship which involves all of the horror stories you could dream of when thinking about life on a ship. The creepy tour is finished with a viewing of 1931 classic, Dracula below the ship. The first tour starts at 7pm so you are guaranteed to view the ship in the dark. This entire experience just seems like the perfect thrill-seekers night out!

Tower Twilight Tour

Book an outdoor tour of the Tower of London. I cannot think of a creepier tour than that of the city’s most notorious prison. With all the tortures and executions that took place, it must be haunted right?

There are so many amazing things happening in October in London that you could choose from. Hopefully, I have given you some inspiration to go forth and conquer the month of Halloween with aplomb!