January 2017 in London

January is the quietest month in London. The streets are quieter and everything seems to be quite subdued compared to December. All of the Christmas decorations start to disappear, the lights slowly get taken down too. It is so cold that sometimes it is a challenge to feel your own face. It sounds rather dull, however, there are positive aspects to January that make London a good trip for all.

For one thing, everything is cheaper in January. With January being the coldest month of the year in London, it is no wonder no one wants to come here. However, this also makes accommodation and flights cheaper. There are also plenty of “Winter menus” to sample at restaurants all over London. Put the monetary perks aside and you still get great things from London. You get frost covering EVERYTHING in the morning. The beautiful glittering of every surface as the sun rises looks like the entire city is showered with diamond dust. As long as you cover yourself in layers, walking through London is a dream!

The streets are emptier, there are fewer queues and the sales are unbelievably good 😉

With all of this in mind, I have a few more reasons why my January is going to be a good one.

  1. Chinese New Year is in January this year!

    Generally, Chinese New Year falls in February but this year it falls on the 28th January.Celebrations are happening on the 29th January in London. Chinese New Year celebrations are free to attend and span through Central London, West End and Chinatown. From food specials in Chinatown to the Magical Lantern Festival in Chiswick. There is something for everyone to explore and it is one thing I am really looking forward to in January!

  2. London Art Fair

    The London Art Fair 2017 is at The Business Design Centre in Islington. The fair is running from the 18th January to the 22nd January. The fair has artwork on display ranging from the 20th century to present day and has all mediums of artwork on display too. There is something in there for everyone, no matter what form of art you love. Tickets are on sale here.

  3. Burns Night

    The 25th January marks the anniversary of Scottish poet Robert Burns’ birth. Pubs, clubs and restaurants in London all start celebrations in the week of the 25th and you will always find something to do to get into the festive spirit. Most restaurants will offer you a traditional Scottish meal of haggis and tatties. Some clubs offer ceilidh dancing (which is my favourite). Mostly, it is an excuse to don some tartan and release your inner highlander for a night. What a treat 😉

Even though January is the harshest month in England and you feel dismal because of the cold, keep your chin up. There are plenty of things happening all over London (and elsewhere) that will help you have the best month and start 2017 off right!