A little bit of Nice – A whole lot of good

A mere week after going to Iceland on holiday, we were off to Nice for a day. This trip was mostly to make the most of my French visa before it expired. However, I have always wanted to do a day or two in Nice so it fit perfectly. Maybe it was slightly crazy to go to a different country a mere week after our holiday. I still enjoyed my time there and would not trade it for anything.

Unfortunately, the timing was incredibly bad purely because of the weather. We wanted a sunny day that we could spend by the beach and instead we had downpours that would not relent. We also had to walk around in this rain due to our Airbnb host being very unhelpful with check-in times. If we had not found a little pizza place for respite from drowning in the streets, we most surely would have killed each other even if the weather had not got their first. We ate deliciously hot and cheesy pizza. This lifted our spirits as we made our way to check-in.

The day got decidedly better when we were in the apartment. We warmed up a bit and got ready for some exploring. Exploring Nice is not complicated. Especially if you are staying on or near the promenade. Our focus on this trip was to drink good wine and eat good food. What other focus should there be when you are only in a city for 24 hours? Just a short walk inland from the beach, there is a cobbled alley that has restaurants and bars for every taste. We cotton-picked a few and jumped our way from bar to bar to sample everything we could before dinner time.

Our dinner at La Terrasse was sadly cancelled as there was flooding in the restaurant. The hotel concierge quickly gave us a great local alternative. Hence, off to La Femme du Boulanger (The Baker’s Wife), we went, hoping for the best. The menu is small with just a few token dishes and a specials board. Our goal was to eat good food and drink good wine, this brasserie hit the nail on the head. Our hosts were extremely attentive and we did not want to leave! We had an amazing night that made for very easy sleeping and recharging for the next day.


The weather was amazing on Sunday (go figure). We decided to make the most of the few hours we had left in Nice. A walk along the promenade is an absolute must! Try not to take the bus and just enjoy the fresh ocean air. There are blue bicycles that you can hire but we couldn’t work out how to hire them. It is also worthwhile to note that information centres close on Sundays so if you need to know anything, go on a Saturday!

Some cool places you can go from Nice are Antibes, Cannes and Monaco. They are all within 20 minutes on the train and around double that on buses. It is so easy to access other cities using the public transport from Nice that it is very easy to spend a few days in Nice but take day trips out of the city to the other regions. This is definitely something I would have done if we had more time.

All in all, it was a great trip. I got some fresh ocean air, some sun and a whack of great food. I came back to London happy and ready for Monday!