AJ Bell London Triathlon 2017

This weekend just passed, I went to support a friend at the AJ Bell London Triathlon. This triathlon is the largest competition of its kind in the world. The thing that sold me on this competition was the huge range of ability displayed. There were competitors ranging from the professional to the “just doing this for fun” entrants.

Starting off at the ExCel centre in Royal Victoria docks, you swim, run and cycle past all of the iconic landmarks in London and finish back at the ExCel centre. As a spectator, you tend to stay in one spot but I can imagine the route being so enjoyable to experience.

AJ Bell London Triathlon

Many might not think this is much of a spectator sport. However,  there was such a great energy, from the entrants to the crowd of supporters. It was quite a miserable day but the rain did not seem to deter anyone. So many people turned up to show their support. It was so sweet to watch kids of all ages cheer their parents on, colleagues supporting their co-workers and friends of entrants shouting them to victory the whole way through! It is hard not to get involved in the festivities and shout your own support for the competitors!

Matt, if you read this, you were AMAZING! You did so well and I thoroughly enjoyed watching you kick butt! Thank you for having me along 🙂

AJ Bell London Triathlon 2018

If you would like to express interest for next year’s race, click here. Again, I will stress that it is not just for professionals! There are all types who enter and you can even do it in a relay with friends! It is well worth it and definitely something to put on the bucket list. If you think you could do it, then I really do urge you to give it a shot!