Sightseeing in London

Lumiere London 2018

Sometimes in the middle of winter, all you need is a little something special to get you out of the house. Lumiere London 2018 was definitely the “something” we all needed, to venture out into the cold. If you don’t yet know what Lumiere London is, it is a light festival that hosts UK and international artists who get to transform a part of the city into an art installation with light. Lumiere London 2018 will be the second year running that the light festival has graced the streets of London.

West End

We started off at Leicester square with “Nightlife”, a perfect mix of woodland creatures all fantastically lit up. I felt like I was Alice in my own personal wonderland. It didn’t even feel like I was in a literal sea of people!





After starting off with a huge bank, we walked a couple of blocks to Chinatown to see a flock of pretty groovy flamingoes. I am obsessed with flamingoes so, this one was pretty cool for me 🙂



We took a stroll up between Picadilly and Regent Street. I wasn’t so convinced by the projections on the buildings, but we still gave them some regard. One guy called it “digital age shadow puppets” which I kind of had to agree with. The city was too lit up for us to get the full magic of it. However, we gave it a try nonetheless. We walked through Carnaby street and on to Oxford street so that we could catch the tube to Kings Cross where we saw a pretty psychedelic globe hanging above the street!


Kings Cross

Once in Kings Cross, we took a slow stroll through all of the installations. I have to say how impressed I am at how many people were in the streets for the festival. It was a cold night but everyone came out en masse with their families and friends and made the most of it!



My favourite had to be “Waterlicht”, which you can see a video of on my Instagram highlights! Just think, blue everywhere! It was so beautiful! My second favourite installation was “Guardian Angels”. This was a quirky and beautiful winding flower bed of bright lit up watering cans.

Guardian Angels

After our amazing walk through Kings Cross, we headed closer to home for a late dinner and ended the night there. I was so happy that we braved the cold and went out into the streets. It was amazing walking the streets with thousands upon thousands of people. I cannot wait for the next one if this year was anything to compare it to!

Bottle Festoon