Manchester United vs Southampton

A few months back, I wrote about going to the football in Manchester. I am sure it is safe to say, after that experience, I am sold! I have decided that I am more of a fan of live sports, rather than sports in general. The atmosphere you get by going to a live game is incomparable to watching sports on TV. Especially if it is a fast-paced game like football!

This time, we bought tickets to a game with Emily and Justin. As much as I love doing these things with Eamon, having a group of us definitely amped the trip to a new level! The fact that the train journey to Manchester is two hours alone, means that having friends with makes the trip so much better. We could drink along the way, talk about the upcoming game and get each other excited for the smackdown that Manchester United vs Southampton gave us. We even stayed the night so that we could explore the town the next day! (More to come on this later.)

Group pic 1

This being my second time at Old Trafford, I am starting to pick up a few things about football.

  1. You may not know any chants when you arrive at the game, but you will leave an expert on football chants. You will be a seasoned pro at singing all the songs and making the opposing team supporters feel silly.
  2. If you want to be cooler than your peers, get a players number and name on your supporters’ shirt.
  3. Should you not be wearing a supporter’s top, at least wear the team’s colours somewhere on your person!
  4. It is not mandatory to know any chants, but extra points if you learn one with the team managers name in it.
  5. You may think you are drunk, but there is ALWAYS someone drunker than you.
  6. When you see everyone standing up, don’t be the only wally that is still sitting!
  8. Most importantly, even if you know NOTHING about football. Just watch and enjoy the game! Soak in the atmosphere of the fans that have gone to games since they were little. Listen to the songs and absorb the happiness/sadness/frustration of everyone there. It is priceless!

I definitely enjoyed this game a ton more than the first. There were so many people at the game this time. They were singing their hearts out and there was so much excitement over the new players in the team.

Group pic 2

It is definitely something everyone should do at least once if you live in England. The experience is totally worth the money. Even if you aren’t the biggest football fan.