A Meander in Manchester

After spending the Friday evening completely enthralled in the football, our Saturday was a more relaxed affair. We chose to stay the night and take a meander through the city centre and not rush back to London when we had never fully explored Manchester. These are the places that we went to and I would definitely suggest you give it a try!

John Rylands Library

John Rylands Library

This library is a neo-Gothic, late Victorian building.It is in Deansgate in Manchester and is now part of the University of Manchester. The library is used to house special manuscripts. It is home to one of the finest collections of rare books and manuscripts. It was founded by Enriqueta Augustina Rylands in memory of her husband, John Rylands (hence the name of the library). I love walking through the corridors of this library and admiring the typical neo-gothic archways. With the beautifully etched painted glass windows, the interior of the building is slightly spooky. It almost makes you feel like you are in a medieval story. Activity: Look for all of the dragons in the library. I am not too sure why there is a theme of dragons running throughout, but it is fun to look for them nonetheless!

Meander in ManchesterMeander in ManchesterMeander in Manchester

University of Manchester

Although we didn’t walk through the entire university (who has time for that?), we walked through the Technical school on Sackville street. I love this part of the university because of the giant Vimto bottle sculpture and all the other sculptures along Granby Row. There are also little gardens dotted in this campus that give off the feel of a Japanese Garden. It is just such a beautiful place to sit and admire the scenery in a very stark and grey campus. This is definitely something worth looking at, even if it is to take in the sheer enormity of the university. If you have time to see the entire campus, it is definitely worth putting the day aside for this alone.


I have left my favourite for last. I love cooking Asian food. If I can experiment with Chinese flavours and have it come out right, then I am the happiest girl alive. So any Chinatown I come across is a “must do” in my opinion. There are grocery shops, karaoke bars, and buffet style restaurants in this busy street. It is the quintessential Chinatown that offers you a little bit of everything. I chose to do a bit of grocery shopping and treated myself to some Chinese candied salted plums and rice crackers. I love going into these grocery stores because I never know what I am going to come out with. This is a stop you have to make if you are one for experimentation and will try every food once.

Chinatown - ManchesterChinatown - Manchester

So now you have at least three things to think about doing if you are ever in Deansgate, Manchester 🙂