Staten Island Ferry, Trade Centre 1 and New York Aquarium

It is hard to believe that we had done so much in our first 2 days of being in New York. We were exhausted from our adventures in Manhattan the previous day. So, we decided to slow it down a bit on the third day and take a leisurely walk to the Staten Island Ferry. We were due to go to the New York Aquarium later in the day. But, had no plans for the morning so the free ferry was the perfect thing to do in the morning. The views from the Staten Island Ferry are so good! I can honestly say the best views of the city are definitely from the water.

Staten Island Ferry

The best thing to do is to choose a time that you know the locals would not be using it to get to and from Manhattan. We chose to go at about 10 am. This was after the “work” rush but, also before lunchtime when tourists would be out in droves. We still had to wait a bit and there were a lot of people. However, the ferry is bigger than you think and there is plenty of space for everyone in the end! These orange ferries were one of my favourite parts of the trip. They are free, they aren’t as rocky as the regular boats are and they are a happy colour 🙂 You see so much of the city and even get a great view of the Statue of Liberty.

Staten Island Ferry

Trade Centre 1

After the ferry, we stocked up on a traditional pizza slice and made our way to the 9/11 memorial. It is hard not to feel slightly melancholic when standing in front of these two giant holes. The memorial is so beautiful and such a great site to remember the lost lives. You cannot help but feel a tinge of sadness and regret. Then you look up at Trade Centre One, this brilliant shining beacon and realise that the city rebuilt as best it could. I have a crazy amount of respect and awe for this city. That beauty can rise up from such horrific events, while still giving honour to the lives that were lost.

9.11 monument

Trade Centre 1

New York Aquarium

Our last bit of fun for the day was the New York museum. We managed to go back to Coney Island more than once in our stay. I do have a mad love for the beach that will never go away. I must admit that I do not enjoy aquariums unless they are there for education purposes. This is why I always loved the “Two Oceans” back home in Cape Town. So I was happy to see that this aquarium had the same setup. The animals were mostly rescues. While the animals are safely housed, they also serve as education! Lessons on environmental factors, on different species and on pollution were all part of the package. It was a great afternoon with a great mix of learning and fun!



We had our last few moments on the beach. Enjoying the sand and warmth before heading home! I am sure I don’t have to say it but we passed out HARD that night!

Beach day