Adventures in Oxford

11863460_10153600384895337_8091709608920775310_nOur last day of our weekend away was spent in Oxford. Before I had even arrived in the UK, Eamon had already told me that he wanted to take me there.

We woke early on Sunday morning and got ready to go on our day adventure. We took the bus to Oxford which was half an hour from Witney and got ourselves ready to explore. I am not much of a planner and never have been. I like to take things as they come. Therefore when we got into Oxford, we naturally got completely lost. Do yourself a favour and never think that because it is a small town, you will figure your way around, you definitely won’t!

Luckily for us, everyone who works in Oxford is accustomed to lost tourists and have adapted themselves to being resident tour guides. We asked a really friendly security guard who pointed us toward the information centre. We checked our bags into a handy storage service at the information centre. When you want to go exploring and have excessive luggage with you, you will be happy to unload your extra bags to keep your stamina up!

Walking along the alleys of Oxford, we slowly realise the charm doesn’t only come from architecture or the gardens, it is also about the impromptu performers that set up their acts randomly for the public to enjoy. From solo musical acts to free-styling footballers performing tricks, there is some11863278_10153600384800337_2942843236643717353_nthing for everyone to enjoy as you walk through the town.

It turns out that “not having a plan” ended up being just right for us. We took a slow walk through all of the side streets and avoided the major touristy spots. We saw all the great aspects of Oxford. From the gorgeous buildings to the beautiful green gardens. My favourite part was the tranquil flowing rivers. Even though Oxford is the quintessential tourist town, it doesn’t feel like it. Everything is so humble and simplified, this keeps all of the focus on the great buildings.

You can go for a pole boat ride down the river, or you can venture through an awesome natural maze in the botanical gardens. This is particularly great for children to play in! You can feed ducks in the gardens or opt for a more religious votive candle lighting in one of the churches.

Even though the town is packed to the rafters with people, it doesn’t always feel it. You can still find a quiet spot to relax and meditate for as long as you want.

I fell in love with Oxford and I plan to go back to explore more. I would probably choose to go on a quieter day in the week. When the students are in lectures and there are less tourists. I would choose to linger longer and devote an entire day to exploring. It was such a great and completely natural experience and I cannot wait to do it again.11204947_10153600385150337_5061111356462190573_n