Paris – Part 2

On our second day in Paris, Eamon and I made reservations to go on a bus tour. It is a great way to see the sites in one day without breaking the bank or your feet. The best thing to do is a book a “hop on, hop off” bus. This allows you to choose the points which you would like to get off the bus and spend more time exploring. You can also do the whole route and go back to the main points in your own time.

You can book day tickets so you do the loop as many times as you want and it is basically a cheap ride around the city for a day ūüėČ I learnt some interesting facts about Paris too which is always a bonus. The one thing that was slightly disappointing with the tour was that you don’t get the best photos from the experience. I found there was always someone standing up trying to get a better photo or there were always heads in my pictures. It is definitely worth getting off at each stop if you like to take photos of the sites you are seeing.

View from the busNotre Dames from the busIMG_6518

When in Paris, I think it is a necessity that you go up the Eiffel Tower. So naturally this was the first thing Eamon and I did before even starting our bus tour. I am a sucker for a good view, so when we got to the first floor I was completely in awe. I was also quite surprised that my extreme fear of heights didn’t rear its ugly head. You feel surprisingly¬†secure walking up the metal stairs. I really did think I would freeze in terror halfway up.

The walk to the second floor was quite tiring.¬†I don’t know how the kids were managing it at all! I consider myself a fit person but I definitely needed a drink after those stairs!¬†We didn’t go to the¬†absolute highest point of the tower. I thought it would be pushing it a bit, scaredy-cat that I am. However, the views that you can take in from the second floor are absolutely amazing.

I like that they take kids into consideration by including little games and carousels on the first floor. This allows the parents some time to¬†take in the views. Although, I definitely preferred the second floor away from the noise and “playground” atmosphere.


Once Eamon and I got our fill of the views, we made our way down once more with a slushy in hand and bode farewell to all of those stairs!


After the fun of the tower, Eamon and I caught a bus and went on the city tour. Towards the end of the tour we decided to “hop off”. We¬†took a walk from the Palais Garnier opera house stop through to the Louvre and¬†Jardin des Tuileries. From here, we went to the Pont des Arts bridge that was lockless but not loveless. What used to be the “love lock” bridge, has recently been revamped when all the locks were removed due to damaging the bridge. While the love of the locks is gone, my love of art was inflamed walking across this creepy bridge. The mastermind behind the installation is¬†Daniel Hourd√© and it is named¬†“The Enchanted Bridge“.

What could have been a boring bridge, was turned into an adventure. The magic of the bridge made sure that it stayed true to its name. I am so happy I was able to see this installation and preferred it immensely to attaching a lock to the bridge (even though that would have been fun too).


This marked the end of our second day in Paris. After much exhaustive effort, we made our way back to our hotel for an early night. We wanted to make the most of our last full day in the beautiful city. And I assure you, it was the most action packed day we had to mark the end of our glorious trip.IMG_6544