Part II of our short stay in Madrid

,Our quick stay in Madrid was definitely one to remember! The first couple of days were packed with action and the last of our stay was no different. I always forget that a short stay doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t see everything. As long as you plan your time ahead of your trip, you can definitely fit everything in. This is especially true for close-packed cities like Madrid!


Retiro Park

Our main goal for the last bit of our trip was to see the Crystal Palace at Retiro park. I had seen all of the amazing photos and wanted to get a few of my own. I especially wanted to play with the light bouncing off of the glass. It is such a beautiful structure and it is located in such a lush and beautifully landscaped park.

Retiro park fountain

Retiro park cave

Retiro park has so many different areas! You could quite possibly spend the most of your day getting lost in it. We were waiting for the museum late at the Prado art museum so we definitely had the whole day to kill. From the Crystal Palace to walk-through caves and beautiful lakes dotted all over, it really is a magnificent day out. There are tons of different paths to explore at Retiro, you could definitely find something for everyone there.

Palacio Cristal

Palacio Cristal back


There is a little tea house around the corner from Retiro park called “Sucre“. It has a really cute interior with cozy seating dotted everywhere. They have home baked goods on sale and a great selection of teas! If you need a respite from the cold (which is what we needed!) or just a quick refreshment between stops, it is perfect and well priced too! We chose the seats by the window so that we could people-watch!

Church - Los Jeronimos

Plaza de Cibeles

Prado Museum

After we had taken a break at Sucre, we marched on to the Prado museum. The museum is free on Tuesdays to Saturdays from 6pm-8pm or on Sundays from 5pm-8pm. To be very honest, if you are an avid art follower, I would suggest buying a ticket rather than going to the lates. You could also spread your visit over a couple of lates if you really don’t want to pay. There is just so much to see, that it is hard to see it all in 2 hours! We had specific pieces that we wanted to see in person. So, we weren’t too phased about the time we would need to leave. However, if I ever have more time, I will probably go and pay the EUR 15.

After spending the entire day on our feet between the park and the museum, we headed home and once again had a feast of fresh food from local markets for dinner.

Although it was a super short stay in Madrid, we saw so many beautiful buildings and really got a feel for the city. It is such a bustling hub of activity! I think Madrid is definitely easy for weekend breaks but could also easily suit a longer stay too!

Plaza de Cibeles 2

The next morning was home time for me, but still a week of exploring in London with my sister and brother-in-law so we were in high spirits ­čÖé