Sightseeing in London

Looking for a picnic place in South London?

There is nothing I like more in Summer than a good picnic in the park. There are so many great parks and gardens in South West London, so sometimes it is really hard to pick your favourite! Living in Fulham, I am lucky to have a really great park just around the corner from me.

IMG_7397Bishops Park is on the River Thames with perfectly placed benches to admire the view. There are so many different activities you could get involved in. The park has tennis courts, a bowls green¬†and an urban beach IMG_7398among many others things. There are playgrounds for different ages which makes it very family friendly. In the park, you will find a rose garden, beautiful water features and big grassy fields to use to your heart’s desire. On a typical Summer’s day, you will see cyclists, runners and picnickers dotted all over the park!

If you are a runner, Bishops Park has a park run every Saturday morning at 9am. You can click here to register, as this is mandatory before joining in the fun. It is a completely relaxed and non-competitive way to enjoy your Saturday morning. Furthermore, it helps that you get some exercise on the weekend too!

From 10am-2pm every Sunday, there is an awesome Farmer’s market. From baked goods to fresh cheese and homemade foods. The smells that come from this market are incredible! Make sure that you stop for a look at all of the produce, should you be walking in the area on a Sunday.

Next door to Bishops Park is Fulham Palace. This is one of my favourite gardens in London. The gardens surround Fulham Palace and it almost feels like the palace sprung up amongst these beautiful plants. The palace itself has a shroud of purple flora in the back garden and there are huge trees for everyone to perch under. The gardens are maintained so well, that sometimes it is nicer to sit here rather than have a picnic in Bishops Park itself. Should you choose to sit in the palace gardens, a good treat is to walk through the mini forest trails. It will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale. Near the entrance to the palace, there is a gothic lodge. Although the lodge is closed to the public, it is pretty to look at and is also part of the charm!

Near the entrance to the palace, there is a gothic lodge. Although the lodge is closed to the public, it is pretty to look at and therefore adds to the charm!

Although the park and gardens are close to a well-used roIMG_7420ad, you don’t hear the hustle and bustle of the crowds. It is all very peaceful and one feels like they are sitting in their own bubble. The park is also steeped in history. There are information signs everywhere that tell you about certain features and why they are there. It really is an educational experience to take a day and walk through the park and palace gardens.

With pretty wildflowers, friendly¬†squirrels and quiet shaded areas, this is my absolute favourite place to go. Whether I need a run, or I want to read my book or just if I want to watch the sunset. I usually end up at Bishop’s Park!IMG_7406