Stepping into Wonderland on Picadilly Street

When I read the Londonist blog post about Alice in Wonderland being brought to Fortnum and Mason, I was filled with excitement! This promised two of my favourite things combined into one, hence I was thrilled to go and see how they had executed it! I am lucky to have a fellow explorer in Emily who consequently agreed to come with me. Not that one ever needs an excuse to go to Fortnum and Mason! However, I was keen to take a peep at their usually extraordinary window displays now themed after one of my favourite childhood stories.

Huge teacups and teapots, oversized clocks and chess pieces line the shopfront. You will see rotating displays with mirrors, logs, with F&M’s dainty china sets on display. A gold theme is running through the windows and seems to touch a bit of everything. The focus pieces are all surrounded by colourful flowers with intricate faces. My favourite is the Mad Hatter’s hat in full splendour surrounded by a spray of pink and purple flowers. A close runner-up to this is the huge gold teapot with the mouse popping out of the lid. He is ready for action with his sword in hand, holding it to the sky.

My favourite window is the Mad Hatter’s hat which is in full splendour! A spray of pink and purple flowers surround the hat and a rather grumpy “poppa” flower overlooks the lot. A close runner-up to this display is the huge gold teapot with the mouse popping out of the lid. He is ready for action with his sword in hand, holding it to the sky.


The fun does not stop at the front of the store, though. As you walk inside, you immediately see garlands of flowers draped everywhere. The centre display shelves are decorated with elaborate floral arrangements. In the middle of the store above the spiral staircase that runs through to the grocery store below, there is Alice in all of her glory! Wearing the original costume from the film, falling into Wonderland amidst clouds and butterflies. A wonderful use of the atrium and what a treat for all Alice in Wonderland fans.

Most noteworthy, for all of you “Madhatter” fans, you can see the original costume on display in the millinery department on the second floor. This is a rather fitting home don’t you think?


While it may seem silly to go to Fortnum and Mason just to see their display, this is the first time that they have let their windows be taken over in 309 years! Furthermore, the way in which it is done will bring out the kid in all of us. Because adults deserve a little bit of fun too!