The beginning…

I have always been an explorer at heart. I have wanted to travel all corners of the earth and write about it, but responsibility has always kept me grounded in one spot. The responsibility to pay my bills. The responsibility to see out my job. The responsibility to be there if my family needed me. I have always thought of things to leave for; teaching English in Hong Kong, Summer camps in the States or starting from the bottom on the ships in the Med. I have thought of all of the escape plans, but they have always ended up being dreams.

When my partner came to me one night and said that he wanted to move to England, it was hard to say yes because of everything that I have in South Africa. It was also everything that I have always wanted, to travel somewhere completely different and start a new life.

I knew I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to go to another country and that I had to say yes to this. This is how the adventure began. Everything was completely new to me. From applying for my visa to planning where we were going to stay. It isn’t easy leaving family behind, it was the worst part of the whole situation. I knew that this adventure would be one of the greatest of my life and this made it all worth it.

England is so rich in history. London has the widest array of different cultures. There is so much opportunity to travel. There is so much opportunity to learn about the rich history in all of the museums. There are so many opportunities to learn about other people and their cultures just by walking the streets. I couldn’t wait to taste different foods, walk through all of the parks and share all of it with you.