Sightseeing in London

Wonderful Wimbledon Park

This weekend was set to be a lazy one. Since moving into our new flat, I don’t want to do much but enjoy my new home. However, come Sunday, I forced myself to leave the house and go for a picnic in Wimbledon park. A small group of us set out to find the perfect spot in the woods and have a small picnic. Our main goal was just to enjoy the sunshine and reset ourselves before another week of work. I originally thought that we were going to camp out on the common which we have done before. But no, this time, we chose to go into the trees and experience a more personal view of the beautiful trees.


Wimbledon park just seems to have everything you could possibly want in a recreational ground. There is a golf course, a windmill museum, great rolling plains and bright green forestry. It is covered in blackberry bushes which give off a refreshing smell of nature and attract all of the wildlife. To top it all off, the most beautiful lake with great white swans and other birds. This park is so magical, and the perfect backdrop for any group activity you may be planning.

Wimbledon common

We chose a small alcove in some trees and sat down to an amazing spread. One always tends to go overboard when buying for a picnic don’t you think? Not that I would ever complain about it! We sat and spoke about philosophical things, played 30 seconds and even created our own horror film. We were obviously the main characters and the dark woods set the scenery for our imaginations to run wild. This day reminded me that taking time out is essential.

This day reminded me that taking time out is essential. Even mindless chatter with friends can help you wind down from the weekend. When you spend your Sunday well, the impending Monday doesn’t feel so bad at all! I felt like so relaxed when I got home from the picnic and I think this is because I changed my scenery and spent some much-need time in the great outdoors!

Wimbledon park - Forest