Witney, Oxfordshire

Witney is a little town just outside of Oxfordshire and just happens to be where Eamon’s parents rent a beautiful home. We decided to visit them for the weekend and dragged Emily and Justin (Emily’s husband) with us.

The trip from London is a two and a half hour bus ride that passes through Oxford. We left early enough in the evening to have the sun shine through our whole ride there. A beautiful sunset was waiting for us as we arrived in Oxford. To see the amazing architecture framed by this surreal pink glow was really something to behold. If our bus driver was not driving like Mad Max then I may have got some amazing non-blurry photographs.

Once we had stopped in Oxford, we had a twenty minute stop before our bus departed to Witney. We stopped at a local pop-up pizza shack that made the best Margherita that I have tasted in a really long time. Fresh hand-made dough, generously smothered in tomato sauce and cheese. Well-made, simple and absolutely delicious.

There is something so absolutely breathtaking about the countryside in England. Every colour just seems to be so amped up. The greens are greener, the stars are brighter and the air is so clean and crisp. We arrived late at night, but we were so full of energy from the fresh air! So, we stayed up! Lilian had an awesome Indian curry spread for a late dinner and  we had purchased some great red wine on the way in. What more could you ask for?

Waking early in the morning for a quick fry-up, we ate and headed into town to explore. There are so many quaint stores with second-hand goods as well as a lot of fantastic pubs in Witney. Although it is in the countryside, there are convenient malls and excellent Saturday markets. There is enough happening to keep you entertained but still slow enough to let you know you have left the city.

We are so fortunate that Eamon’s parents have this beautiful house, that is situated right next to an egg farm. Fresh eggs on sale every morning right on their doorstep! Furthermore, you have rolling green hills and braying donkeys, which give you relaxation like no other weekend could give. There are quaint “picnic areas” on every other corner and beautiful gardens filled with the reddest roses and the tallest sunflowers.

The best part? Farmoor Stores which gives you an awesome “taste of Africa” experience is just down the road. So, off we went for the quick drive. I was ecstatic to get Rooibos tea, Eamon was ecstatic to buy Creme soda and Emily was ecstatic to buy something as simple as Knorr Onion soup packets. Our weekend was made!

In addition to this action-packed day, our Saturday was finished off with a good old-fashioned braai! Finally, we went to bed after a day filled with sun, sight seeing and awesome food. We knew the next day would be completely dedicated to Oxford and we could not wait to get started!